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Season One


Meet Mark Patterson

Hello friend. Mark Patterson here. Can I tell you a quick story? I was living with an idea in mind for more than a decade. I envisioned a collection of interviews and events that would come together to form an oasis for people on a journey to live out the purpose they were put on this earth to fulfill.

I was a young kid fresh out of high school with a lot of ambition, so this idea ended up taking a back seat to many endeavors along the way. Fast forward to 2020 after a few attempts, launches, relaunches of this site, I feel like I’ve finally got it right.

Basically, you’re right on time. That’s the overarching message I hope you get from the content on this site! You’re right on schedule to hear and immerse yourself in exactly what you need to bridge the gap.

What gap? The distance between where you are right now and that zone you want to live in on a daily basis. You know what I’m talking about — your spot! The pursuit that’s keeping you up at night.

I Know Exactly How You Feel

I feel like we are cut from the same cloth because I’ve been where you are. The difference between the person you are right now and who you will see the next time you look in the mirror is a decision! The fact that you made it to ConvoRoom and have read this far into an about page says that there’s something beneath the surface. It’s my life’s work to help you dig it up, so you’re pretty much stuck with me for the long haul.

Who Am I?

I’m a Jersey boy raised in Atlanta, Ga by parents who instilled living a life of faith and service by example. I watched them work hard and sacrifice so I could have the best shot I could to live out the dreams inside of me.

They taught me to put God first and put the work in for the rest. Their commitment to faith and love of music inspired me to find my passion in music ministry as a worship leader serving the local church.

Music has always been a life source for me because I love the idea that I am able to participate in a creative art form that is so impactful, but there was more. Throughout my career, there’s always been this idea on the backburner that I never gave my consistent attention.

That changed in January 2020. I made the commitment to work on this digital platform every single day until it reaches the millions of people I know in my heart it’s meant to serve.

Why ConvoRoom? Why Now?

I can imagine a couple of questions that might come to mind at this point in the story. What really took you so long, Mark? And what’s so special about ConvoRoom considering there are a plethora of sites and experts out there doing similar work that you’re trying to do? Those are fair questions. I had to get over myself and finally decide to go all in.

There were so many excuses running through my own head. I’m not a “real” writer. I don’t have the money to really do this the way I want it done. What if I put all this energy into it, and I fail? These were just a few of the self-defeating thoughts I would play on repeat. I even had a few semi-successful launch attempts before that failed because I looked at this as something I could do “on the side” or when I “found” the time.

I failed to realize that this was my life’s work, and I would have to be committed and bought in. My motives had to come into alignment as well. I couldn’t build this platform with a need for validation, extra income or even an outlet to express my feelings. ConvoRoom serves a specific purpose, and the momentum I needed was going to be found in my ability to simply surrender.

ConvoRoom the Company

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide conversations with mentors, moguls, and legends that help people connect the dots! Why is this important for us? It clarifies our pursuit and output. The integrity of our work rests solely upon our audience’s ability to gain clarity through the content we distribute.

Our Vision

ConvoRoom is the meeting place for a global community of leaders in pursuit of their God-given purpose. Conversations distributed with our brand seal stand the test of time and reach beyond surface-level small talk. We dig deep to provide transformative value for those who lend us their attention. We also work with leading minds and organizations who share our commitment to serving our audience.