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Arianna Huffington On How To Prevent Founder Burnout

Suffering from burnout is overwhelming for anyone, let alone a person who has an entire company or brand to nurture…

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As the #TeamNoSleep era appears to be a thing of the past, mentor and legend Arianna Huffington is sharing how she keeps burnout in the rearview mirror and mental health a priority.

Suffering from burnout is overwhelming for anyone, let alone a person who has an entire company or brand to nurture. 

In an interview with Inc. during the Inc. 5000 Vision Conference, Huffington reminded founders and entrepreneurs how vital it is to take care of ourselves first (i.e. getting enough sleep) in order to create a positive and healthy at-work environment.

The Thrive Global founder and media mogul said, “Putting our own oxygen masks on first makes us better as leaders and founders…Tired is one thing, burnout is another.”

Fortunately, burnout can be prevented with small, “micro-steps,” like not looking at our phones just moments after our alarms ring. 

Huffington added, “Seventy-two percent of the world starts their day by going straight to their phone. It’s not just the time we spend working. It’s the time we spend doing things that make us more tired, like binge-watching and doomscrolling.”

Ultimately, unplugging is the key to recharging.

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