Kirk Franklin on the "We Sound Crazy" Podcast

Kirk Franklin on the "We Sound Crazy" Podcast

Kirk Franklin is arguably one of my favorite songwriters and producers of all time. If he’s sitting down for an hour-long interview, I’m definitely diving in because I love hearing the thoughts behind his creative process.

He sat down with the creators of one of my favorite albums of the year: “American Griots” by Louis York. Can I also take a quick sidenote and explain how much I miss groups in our current musical landscape. I miss the power, complexity, and storytelling that only comes from a collection of creatives making a sound together. Gone are the days of groups is seem! Remember when we could be taken on a journey from each section of a song from multiple perspectives? But let me get back to Louis York. I have to get to my ultimate point about a new podcast they are a part of.

Louis York – American Griots

Louis York (Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly), released a song called “Don’t You Forget.” Let’s just say the song became an instant classic in my book. It felt like a blast from the past even though it just came out. I might have to create a whole post about my experience with this song/group, but that brings me to my next point. I became such a fan of their work that I started following their movement on social media.

We Sound Crazy

The duo also announced the debut of a new podcast called We Sound Crazy.The podcast features Louis York (Claude Kelly and Chuck Harmony) as well as Phil Thornton, and Tamone Bacon.

Sidenote: I’ve been watching Phil Thornton’s career for a few years now.
His influence in the industry has been nothing short of inspiring for me. I like the fact that he seems to be a bridge-builder. He’s a Senior VP at Sony Music with RCA Inspiration in his portfolio. I believe his presence in this role is a win for the culture — especially gospel music. It seems like artists under his purview have a lot of trust in him. This is just my observation from interviews and conversations I’ve witnessed.

One conversation that inspired me to write in this post was the season finalé of the We Sound Crazy podcast. Gospel music legend, Kirk Franklin, sat down as only he does to speak openly and candidly.


What I love the most about this podcast is how much these guys simply fan out over music. Their music inspiration is vast! Not to mention their stories are honest to the core. I highly recommend you take a moment to listen to this conversation. I felt like I was in the circle of conversation they had in the room. It was less of an interview and more of a dialogue among comrades.