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Relaunch: Start From Where You Are

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Newsflash! You have everything you need to get started! You can probably come up with a least 100 “not yet” reasons to talk you out of taking actionable steps toward your dream. “I’m just not ready yet.” “I need more time.” “I’ll be able to do this once I have more money.” Excuses, excuses, excuses! Can I share three stories with you that will motivate movement toward your dream? Here we go!

Reynell “SupaCent” Steward

Known as SupaCent to her online audience, Reynell Steward was up for a super-big surprise when the Cyber Monday sale for her cosmetics line, The Crayon Case, amassed around 10,000 orders generating $1 million in sales. She decided to document her experience by filming the notifications coming in, and you’ve got to watch her reaction once it all sinks in.

The New Orleans internet sensation first garnered viral attention posting comedic videos to social media. It all started with a simple idea of creating a makeup line for amateur makeup users that resembled a box of crayons, and the rest is history. Steward leveraged her witty sense of humor, online presence, and passion for beauty to build a million dollar brand — all without a high school diploma.

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Kevin Plank

Before amassing sales of over $2 billion and employing almost 6,000 employees, Kevin Plank founded fitness apparel behemoth, Under Armor, by pulling together all of his savings at the time, around $20,000, and secured an additional $40,000 via credit cards. Plank landed sales deals that were initially less than the cash he saved up to start the business, but his tenacity paid off as the company generates revenues north of $5 billion today.

Daymond John

Have you ever met someone that took a $40 budget and turned it into a $6 billion (yes, that was a ‘b’ for billion) dollar business? Well, now you have. Before taking his seat on ABC’s hit show, “Shark Tank,” John emerged from humble beginnings as a $10 hat salesman that was still working a full-time job at Red Lobster to make ends meet. He and his mother later mortgaged their home to raise $100,000 in startup capital to launch FUBU and the many brands John has built and invested in over the years.

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