Steven Bartlett & Paul Carrick Brunson

Steven Bartlett & Paul Carrick Brunson

Diary of A CEO

Relationships are such an important domain to pay attention to because they affect how we show up in other areas of our life, especially our work. That's why this episode of Diary of a CEO is one we had to bring into the room.

Hosted by Steven Bartlett, the conversation features a deep-dive with Paul Brunson, a renowned matchmaker who is an expert in relationship science. Brunson discusses how people often make mistakes on first dates and the importance of emotional intimacy in relationships. He also touches on the different sexual languages and attachment styles.

We love it here when moguls peel back the layers and share stories from their early years in business. He drops some major gems with this story about 40 minutes into the interview.

When Paul Met Oprah

Brunson talks about his experience launching his matchmaking business in 2009. He explains that he was advised by his wife and best friend to focus on marketing and start a YouTube channel. Despite the fact that YouTube wasn't as well-known as it is today, Brunson decided to create a series called "The Modern Day Matchmaker" and spent between $1,000 and $4,000 per production minute to produce it – a crazy bet at the time that would prove to pay off in a major way. The series itself was no hit according to Brunson. He recalls receiving only 11 or 12 views per video, with Brunson's mother watching nine of them. One of the 11 views was Oprah Winfrey, who eventually offered Brunson a job to co-host a television show on her network, based on his unique perspective on matchmaking. Brunson emphasizes that the story is about quality over quantity, and that he believes the key to success is having passion and patience.

About Steven Bartlett

Bartlett is a multi-talented British entrepreneur, speaker, and author who has made a name for himself in various industries. He is known for being the host of Europe's No. 1 podcast, "The Diary of a CEO", as well as a speaker, investor, and content creator.

Bartlett is passionate about inspiring and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and creators. He has invested in several companies, including Huel, the UK's fastest-growing e-commerce company, and Atai Life Sciences, a biotech company working to cure mental health disorders. His other investments focus on blockchain technologies, biotech, space, Web 3, and social media, including Flight Story and Third Web.

Bartlett is widely regarded as one of Europe's most talented and accomplished young entrepreneurs and philosophical thinkers. He joined the cast of "Dragon's Den" as the youngest ever Dragon in the show's history in January 2022.

About Paul Carrick Brunson

Paul Carrick Brunson is an internationally recognized expert in relationship science, personal development, and entrepreneurship. He is a matchmaker, television host, author, and serial entrepreneur. Paul co-hosts Married at First Sight UK and Celebs Go Dating on UK's Channel 4, and was chosen as the World's Most Influential Matchmaker by the Matchmaking Institute. Oprah Winfrey has called him "much more than a matchmaker."

In addition to his work as a matchmaker and television host, Paul is a business columnist for USA TODAY, host of Better with Paul Podcasts, and recognized as a Top Voice on LinkedIn. He has been featured in numerous media programs, including Good Morning America, Lorraine, Steph's Packed Lunch, The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Jamaican Observer.

Paul's work is centered on impacting lives through the application of relationship science, and he is passionate about mentoring and developing a new generation of servant-leaders with a desire to change the world. He is the founder and chair of Give Love, Build Hope, a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming schools in rural areas of the Caribbean. When he's not serving the world, Paul enjoys spending time with his family, and is a proud husband and father.