What Snoop Dogg Wants You To Know About Reinventing Yourself

What Snoop Dogg Wants You To Know About Reinventing Yourself

“I never was cool with being second,” Snoop Dogg explains with a one-of-kind fervor as only he can. The iconic rapper goes on to discuss reinventing himself because he felt like he was falling back to second place.

Why He Doesn’t Tour with Dr. Dre!

The unfiltered conversation continues as Snoop acknowledges there are newer MC’s on the scene making lots of noise, but he’ still able to pull a move on them. Staying relevant through reinvention is so important to his performance as an artist that he decided not to tour with Dr. Dre at this stage in his career — in spite of the many hits they both could pack into a night a concert rap enthusiast would never forget. His decision not to tour with rap’s first billionaire is because he hasn’t come out with any new records.

Making His Own Rules

Maybe it has something to do with how he was able to break into the industry with such success? He takes us down memory lane when west coast rap didn’t garner the attention and respect that east coast rap did in the early days. He had to his own new rules to take on a system that wasn’t going to make space for him.

Following his own rules led the mega-star to headline shows many thought he shouldn’t have. One show, in particular, was for Muammar Al Gathafi in Lybia. While other performers like Beyoncé opted to return funds from the tyrannical regime after performing, Snoop jokingly recalls that he kept it! He follows his own rules. He practices reinventing himself. That’s the secret sauce to Snoop Dogg’s success.